What are the 4 types of real estate?

Simply put real estate is the property, land, buildings, air rights above the land and underground rights below the land. The term real estate means real, or physical, property. Within the real estate umbrella there are 4 defining categories, knowing the difference may help you to succeed in your real estate investments.

Los Angeles Business Journal Top 100 Agent

The Covid-19 pandemic altered how people feel and interact with real estate. The majority of the workforce shifted from commuting into busy offices to working remotely from home. This led to a trend of people leaving crowded cities to look for homes with a backyard, office space, more overall square footage. The transition from cities to neighborhoods greatly influenced the Los Angeles real estate market. 

Three Remarkable Brentwood Listings

Brentwood is a quiet, upscale neighborhood on the Westside. Tree-lined streets with well-tended homes in a range of architectural styles stretch up into the hills. The main artery, San Vicente Boulevard, features classy Italian eateries and warm cafes, plus the historic Brentwood County Mart, a family-friendly retail hub. Real estate in this area is more elusive than ever. Our team has three striking listings currently available in this neighborhood.

Celebrity Home Tour on Weekend Sunrise in Australia

Honored to join the hosts of Weekend Sunrise in Australia to talk about the wild behaviors of the Los Angeles real estate market. Watch the full interview below.

Steve Wynn's Trophy Estate on the Market for $110M

Billionaire Steve Wynn’s 90210 trophy estate is now available for $110M. 

Self-Sustainable, Contemporary Estate Surrounded by Ocean Views Near Malibu, CA to Auction via Concierge Auctions

Self-Sustainable, Contemporary Estate Surrounded by Ocean Views Near Malibu, CA to Auction via Concierge Auctions

Looking to lease in LA?

Looking to relocate to Los Angeles but haven't decided where to settle down and buy property? Leasing a home is a perfect option for those in that exact situation. Each neighborhood of the Los Angeles area varies across many aspects, so renting a property is a perfect solution to find that ideal neighborhood for you and your family. 

How to Buy a Property Virtually

Real estate and technology have finally merged in such a way that you can fully experience a property without stepping foot in it. These technological advances have made a big difference when it comes to buying a home in the age of COVID-19. 

Hilton & Hyland 2020 Mid Year Report

Welcome to the Hilton & Hyland 2020 Midyear Report, a celebration of our incredible achievements in the first half of the year. Despite the numerous challenges Los Angeles currently faces amid the COVID-19 pandemic, a weak housing marketing is not one of them. We hope you will join us as we take a look back at our top sales, featured press, significant listings, marketing figures and more from the first six months of this eventful year.

Just Sold Listings in the LA area

This year has changed what people are looking to find in a home. Safety and serenity has been at the top of the list for many people, so as a team we've been working to make sure to find the perfect homes for our clients that fit those needs. We pride ourselves in being top producing real estate agents in the Los Angeles area and would love to help you buy or sell your home. Here's a list of listings that have been recently sold by our team.

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