Three Remarkable Brentwood Listings

Brentwood is a quiet, upscale neighborhood on the Westside. Tree-lined streets with well-tended homes in a range of architectural styles stretch up into the hills. The main artery, San Vicente Boulevard, features classy Italian eateries and warm cafes, plus the historic Brentwood County Mart, a family-friendly retail hub. Real estate in this area is more elusive than ever. Our team has three striking listings currently available in this neighborhood.

Self-Sustainable, Contemporary Estate Surrounded by Ocean Views Near Malibu, CA to Auction via Concierge Auctions

Self-Sustainable, Contemporary Estate Surrounded by Ocean Views Near Malibu, CA to Auction via Concierge Auctions

Exquisite Brentwood Modern Masterpiece

Selling in Santa Monica

Selling in Santa Monica My unique approach to Santa Monica real estate has been so successful that I am ranked the highest among my peers in the real estate market. Below are a few of my top listings in the Santa Monica area.

$4 Million Homes in California - New York Times Article

The New York Times published an article featuring multiple homes available in California. One of the properties featured is our listing at 721 16th Street in Santa Monica. This home has intricate details in every space, and would be a perfect fit for a family that loves surrounding themselves with Spanish influences in the Santa Monica air.

Brentwood’s Most Unique Property Opportunity

Originally published on Hilton & Hyland's Blog Brentwood, California – one of Los Angeles’ most affluent neighborhoods and home to a plentitude of fortunate business professionals, political figures and celebrities. Bordered by Mulholland Drive to the north, Bel-Air to the east, and Mandeville Canyon to the west, Brentwood is regularly considered a homebuyer’s haven.

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