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How to Buy a Property Virtually

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Real estate and technology have finally merged in such a way that you can fully experience a property without stepping foot in it. These technological advances have made a big difference when it comes to buying a home in the age of COVID-19. 

People are now working remote and many are choosing to leave the crowded cities of New York, San Fransisco, and Boston and are looking to buy properties with land and warmer weather. All these factors makes Los Angeles neighborhoods of Santa Monica, Brentwood, and Pacific Palisades and  a perfect fit. The combination of safety in social distancing and customers buying from out of town has made buying homes virtually a necessity rather than a luxury.

The best way to buy a home virtually is to start off working with a trusted agent that is well-versed in real estate within your desired area. Since there is a literal distance between you and your agent, you'll want to make sure all lines of communication are open with your agent and they are accessible when you need them.

Work with your agent to learn as many details about the property as possible. Since you won't be physically at the property use resources like 3D home tours, informative architectural photography, and video conferencing. These resources will allow you to experience the property in its entirety. 

Get a feel for the surrounding neighborhood, agents that live and work in the area you're looking at will have a perspective on the aesthetic of the neighborhood. Make sure you communicate with your agent and ask in depth questions about the surrounding area, local community, and other details that matter to you and your family. An agent that lives and breathes real estate in that area will be able to flawlessly navigate the different neighborhoods for you.

Work with an agent that is competitive. Along with increased safety restrictions, demand for real estate has increased significantly. The pandemic has changed the speed in which properties sell and can make purchasing a sought after property extremely competitive. Make sure to work with a skilled negotiator that will work with you to find the perfect property and secure the desired price.

Picking the right real estate agent is more important than ever and if you're looking to buy or sell property in the Los Angeles area, please consider me a trusted resource that will work with you to make sure you end up with the exact result you are looking for.

Bjorn Farrugia
Bjorn Farrugia
Bjorn Farrugia is a recognized real estate specialist and one of the top performing agents at Hilton & Hyland.

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